Clinical Strength Cannabinoids

Physician formulated CBD and CBG products to meet the growing demand for safe and effective integrative health options.

The Revida Difference

Our products are formulated by physicians and cannabinoid therapy experts to deliver unrivaled consistency, efficacy, and support.

Our innovation is driven by clinical observations, patient outcomes, and advocacy in this emergent field.







The Evolution of Revida

Meet the next generation of Revida products that highlight our commitment to offering the most trusted clinical strength cannabinoids on the market.

What’s New

To further our mission of making high quality cannabinoid products more accessible to people who need them most, we have made all of our products more affordable.

If you are new to the world of cannabinoids, deciphering concentrations can feel overwhelming and people often wonder, How much is actually enough to make a difference?

To address these challenges, all of our products can now be quickly identified by a Clinical Strength Level on a 1 to 5 scale. These levels are informed by clinical observation and data, to help establish the minimum and maximum range of potency required for CBD and other minor cannabinoids to have beneficial effects. You might find that what some other brands consider to be high concentration are actually low in the context of clinical strength. 

Average Price Reduction

 25% less

Supported by our expertise, healthcare professionals and patients should work together to find the right formulation for their needs.

New Product Options

We’ve added higher potency and No-THC options based on customer feedback and needs.