About Revida labs

In 2010, our family began a journey of health and hope in search of a safe and effective treatment for a young loved one’s medical conditions. During this pursuit, we found both improved health and undeniable hope in the significant and wide ranging benefits of CBD oil.  What we struggled to find was consistent information, full understanding, and reasonable access to the products he needed. We struggled with dosing questions and lack of medical insight into CBD products. We experienced uncertainty of product efficacy and purity. We wondered time and time again if the path we were on was the right one.  After navigating the maze and wanting to do more than just guide our own loved ones, we founded Revida Labs. Our mission is to put the purest, most effective CBD oil into the hands of families that need it. We have the utmost confidence in the safety, purity, and efficacy of the products we offer and look forward to adding your story of health and hope to ours.

Our Products