Education is our anchor.

Interest and usage of cannabinoid products is growing rapidly worldwide, with a 2019 Gallup Survey citing that 1 in 7 American adults actively use CBD. As patients demand increases with each year, healthcare providers and professionals need to become more knowledgable and capable of providing informed guidance. 

Our team of clinical experts and practitioners are privileged to be working at the forefront of cannabinoid research and therapy, which is rapidly impacting the world of science, medicine, and health. We believe this unique knowledge should be accessible to health care professionals and people using cannabinoids to support their health and wellness.

In a space rife with anecdotal information and claims, it is critical to separate fact from fiction, and hype from science-based research. Knowledge is empowerment.


Clinical Education for Healthcare Professionals

Education from credible experts with clinical cannabinoid experience and access to the latest research is key to understanding this emergent field.

We currently offer the following clinical education opportunities for healthcare professionals who want to better understand our products and the latest science on cannabinoids:

New Educational Offerings in Development

To meet the growing demand for credible cannabinoid education, we are actively building a new, comprehensive range of curriculums, from basic introductory information to advanced applied courses. This includes:

  • Video-based “Cannabinoid 101” Series  
  • Continuing Education Course Credits for Healthcare Professionals
  • College Accredited Courses

Please contact us at [email protected] to further inquire about our educational development.