Ten years ago we began a desperate journey in search of relief for a loved one

Our loved one’s initial diagnosis came at age 8.  What presented as an eating disorder was soon diagnosed as OCD, or Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.  Soon after, he was diagnosed with Body Dysmorphia Disorder (BDD) and Tourette Syndrome, two very variable disorders with minimally effective treatment options.  He spent each day battling physically through intense and exhausting vocal and motor tics.  He battled mentally and emotionally through the self-imposed limitations that often accompany OCD and BDD.  He could not attend school regularly or join friends for outings.  He could not go to the movies, a restaurant, or fully engage with his own family.

For years these disorders held him and our family hostage.  During this time we trialed every possible medication as recommended by his team of doctors to ease the symptoms of these disorders.  The relief they offered was minimal; the side effects were significant.

The years we spent searching for relief can only be described as a maze through the murky edges of modern medicine — filled with frustration, expense and risk

As our search continued we found a common thread of hope among people with similar profiles: cannabidiol (CBD), derived from the hemp plant.  We researched and we studied and we listened as story after story suggested this oil might offer significant help, without the risk of significant harm.  We connected with experts in the field of cannabinoid therapy.  With their help we were able to find the formulations that finally, after years of losing hope, began to bring our son back to health.

Many times during our journey we wondered if we were on the right path.  We had so much to learn about CBD and cannabinoids,  about purity and strength and interactions and dosing.  But as we continued to explore the potential of CBD, the improvement we experienced felt life changing and life saving, both for him and for our family.

It is in this spirit that we launch Revida Labs. Our mission is to put the purest, most effective CBD oil into the hands of families who need it… to help families navigate through the maze that surrounds CBD, in hopes that they may find the same relief we’ve seen possible within our own family.  We continue to partner with experts in the industry who have spent years in the field with both patients and families.  With their guidance and expertise we offer what we believe to be the purest, safest, most natural and most effective CBD oil available.

We hope your story will join ours.

In Health and Hope,

The Revida Labs Family