Pioneers in an Emergent Field

Revida Labs was founded by a diverse collection of pioneers in the medicinal cannabinoid space. Revida is based in Seattle, Washington, one of the earliest states to legalize the medical use of cannabis and a region that continues to lead the way in shaping regulatory and industry evolution. Revida Labs combines leading edge expertise in high-quality cannabinoid processing, product innovation, cannabinoid pharmacology, clinical treatment, and patient education.

Our Medical Advisory Board includes renowned physicians, clinicians, researchers, and experts in cannabinoid therapy, integrative medicine, rehabilitation, palliative and hospice care. These clinical experts guide the direction of our company, ensuring that our products are safe, effective, and continuously informed by the most advanced developments and research.

Our company is built on the mission of providing affordable access to the highest quality cannabinoid products. Each of us have personally witnessed the debilitating side effects of many conventional pharmaceuticals, and in turn have witnessed the transformational impact of cannabinoids on the health of loved ones suffering from chronic illnesses. We are dedicated to the long-term vision of transforming integrative health and wellness by making cannabinoids a safer, medically trusted, effective holistic option for those who want to enjoy better quality of life.