Certificate of Analysis (COA)

The safety and efficacy of our products is our top priority. Without credible transparency, there can be no trust.

All of our products are rigorously tested by certified 3rd party laboratories to ensure that what our labels say match what you receive in the bottle. These lab tests verify the following critical factors: 

1. Potency

Does the amount of cannabinoid hemp extract listed on the label match the actual contents? Is the amount of THC under 0.3% as per Federal Law? 

2. Cannabinoid Profile

What specific cannabinoids are present in the product, including beneficial minor cannabinoids beyond CBD?

3. Purity

Are there any harmful contaminants or pesticides in the contents? If so, they will be rejected and removed from production without exception. 

All of our COAs, conducted by accredited 3rd party labs, are categorized by product type and batch number. You may access them below. 

To locate the batch number of your product, look for a stamped number (or combination of letters and numbers) on the side label or on the bottom of the product. It can typically be found together with the expiry date.