It Begins with Purpose

Revida Labs was launched in 2017 as a small family business dedicated to providing the highest quality cannabinoids for people who depend on purity, consistency, and accessibility. As clinicians and caregivers ourselves, we saw how too many patients are left to navigate the ever changing landscape of CBD and emerging cannabinoids without expert guidance and evidence-based information. What began as a journey to help our own loved ones who had turned to cannabinoids as a last resort, became a bold dream to help as many people as possible.

The lack of regulation and resulting sea of misinformation and uncertain options often became barriers to people accessing solutions they so desperately need. We knew it was imperative to use our unique expertise to focus on expanding research and development of products that place patients’ needs and safety as the first priority.

Our Mission

To help people and their loved ones access safe, effective, physician formulated cannabinoids, and expert education they can trust and understand. 

Our Vision

To transform healthcare by integrating cannabinoids as a standard therapy to improve quality of life without harmful side effects.

Clinical Expertise in an Emergent Field

We specialize in clinical strength cannabinoids, and partnering closely with integrative health care professionals because we see a need in the market for high potency options that people can depend on for results, and under the support of medical expertise.

Unique to the market, our formulations are informed by on-going clinical cannabinoid therapy experience with patient data and feedback gathered at the AIMS Institute, an industry leading integrative clinic at the forefront of physician guided cannabinoid therapy and research.

To expand the impact of our business and further our mission, in 2020, we joined forces with fellow cannabinoid industry pioneers and are now part of a new venture called Canvas Therapeutics, headquartered in Seattle.